Since 2006

We are based in India, an oracle of agriculture commodities, with erstwhile trade links with leading supplies, manufactures, traders, auctioneers, and dealers. We have built the company with more than a decade of experience among our promoters to procure and promote agricultural commodities that form the company's current focus.

Our strength lies in our ability to source agricultural strategically and coco/coir products specific to customer needs, ensure best and competitive prices, and strictly adhere to agreed delivery timelines.

we also ensure that our products are processed hygienically and packed in durable packaging to to prevent damage during transportation as well as adding the possibility for long shelf life.

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The quality of our products has always been the priority of our organization.


Finest Selections

Southgate Export is an initiative to share and sustain the passion of spices. Southgate Export selects the finest of the spices from the farms where growing spices is a tradition and a faith. Our commitment to quality and intimacy with purity roots deep into the spirit of Indian spices.

About How We Export

We are capable of speedy delivery.

Apart from the range of products available, the quality standards that meet international norms and a team of experts to drive the process, Southgate Export is strategically located in State in South India. The advantage of being in the capital region is that it has access to roadways, railways, the airport and the sea-port that helps with efficient logistics to meet international orders. The Company is also capable of speedy processing of all necessary export documents to serve the clients the world over.